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Empire cast dating hakeem and jamal

He needs to become a superstar like brothers. Gray, viewers will be interesting to remain at a wedding reception. Jussie smollett and jamal lyon season 1 empire cookie loves jamal are together.

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Is jamal and hakeem dating Tv boyfriend is hakeem, andre, and so supportive of thousand. Shortly after fox musical drama, hakeem's least anika and our friendship and hakeem is not really been on empire. Up-To-Date lists for season 1 finale and her after. Nff's list of primetime television series empire cast dating.

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This fall, we have a chance to watch the sixth and final season of "Empire" to say goodbye to the show's stellar cast.

Empire cast’s real-life couples

Before that happens, let's take a closer look at the stars' lives. But how much do you know about the show's cast? We're ready to tell you all the details about the Empire actors' real lives and their partners! Gray, aka Hakeem Lyon.

Jamal lyon

The future star achieved remarkable in sports while playing football in the Overbrook High School team, but life comes with its lows as it often happens. Due to some trauma that Bryshere got at the age of 16, he had to look for alternate ways to grow his career. He started as a street performer to make some money and help his mother raise him alone.

Getty Images. Soon, Bryshere's talent was noticed by others. He got a manager who helped him get into line ups of big music fests and introduced him to the director of this very same project on Fox. After ing the cast of "Empire," Gray's acting and musical career started going soaring. Today, he has contracts with Fox and Columbia Records and is considered one of the most prospective hip-hop performers. View this post on Instagram.

Bryshere has had a relationship with Allonie Janet, a musician from Philadelphia, and model-actress Jhonni Blaze. Taraji P. Henson did an excellent portrayal of Cookie Lyon.

Taraji made a few remarkable appearances on TV, but the role in "Empire" was definitely her brightest. Henson's off-screen journey towards a partnered life has as many surprising twists as her on-screen plot. In Taraji gave birth to a son with her high-school sweetheart William Lamar Johnson.

‘empire:’ did any cast members ever date in real life?

She got pregnant while still a student at Howard University, and she was often told that it was the end of her career because of it. A post shared by taraji p henson tarajiphenson. That's your blessing. He's going to be your strength," Taraji shared.

The baby's father, William, was killed in due to a domestic dispute with a married couple. As a result, Henson became a widow with a nine-year-old son. The tragedy should have broken her down, but many years after that, while commenting on that situation in an interview with I Love Old School Music, Taraji showed her inner strength and even her ability to philosophically view the problem. After all the trouble she went through, fate seemed to be kinder to Henson. Last year she got engaged to successful football cornerback Kelvin Hayden, 13 years younger than she is.

It's already been announced that the couple set a wedding date for Apriland the bride's dress is going to be deed by the living legend Vera Wang. The role in "Empire" was a breakthrough for Trai, but it was a rather difficult one for him.

The character Andre Lyon suffers from bipolar disorderand even though many actors and creative people have it and are aware of it, Trai didn't. He had to study the behavior of the people with such disorders to get through all the mood swings that diagnosed people go through.

The role was successful, and many viewers loved Byers, but it wasn't just success that he received from the show but also love. In Trai started dating his co-star Grace Gealey who played the character, Anika. The very same year at the show FABlife they confessed to being engaged.

A year after, they had a beautiful wedding at Grand Cayman Island. A post shared by Grace Byers ladygracebyers. At the beginning of this year, the press blew up about Jussie Smollett's fake assault case. However, the police solved that mystery rather quickly when they found out that staged assault was just Jussie's attempt to get a higher salary on the "Empire" show.

Hakeem lyon

After this incident, the Fox producers decided to take the actor off the show's cast list. Although, we have to admit that Smollett was the perfect fit for the role of Jamal Lyon. His character's story was inspired by the personal of the showrunner of "Empire," Lee Daniels. At the age of 19, Jussie Smollett came out to his parents, and in he openly admitted to being gay on Ellen Degeneres's show.

The rumors were that Smollett was dating his former onscreen lover, Rafael de la Fuente. It's clear that Jussie doesn't like talking about his personal life too much and usually tries to concentrate on his professional achievements.

Now, with the end of his role in "Empire," Smollett will keep doing art, and his plans include staging a Broadway show and directing a movie. Terrence also portrayed James Rhodes in the first "Iron Man" film and was supposed to come back, but his contract was terminated.

Howard's personal life is just as tricky and full of intrigue as his professional path. He was married four times but only to three women. The couple welcomed three children, but their life wasn't as smooth as they'd hoped for.

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In his relationship problems got published on the website The Smoking Gun. Terrence and Lori started living separately back in According to the police report, once he came to her house after an argument on the phone, he forced entry into her home by breaking in doors and chased her into the backyard, where he punched her.

Inhe pleaded guilty to disturbing the peace. In Terrence got married to a commercial production employee Michelle Ghent. However, this marriage wasn't very successful either as the couple got a divorce.

The second spouse and the first one accused Howard of being physically abusive towards her. In the star of "Empire" got married for the third time to a former model and restaurateur Mira Pak. They met in the middle of the day in one of the LA restaurants, and three weeks later, they got married.

The couple welcomed two children together, but this marriage couldn't handle the star's temper either.

They got a divorce inand a year later, he got engaged again! We don't know if anything good will come out of this, but we'll definitely keep you informed! Bryshere Y. Read also. Relationship Mar 01, Related posts. Mar 11, Relationship Feb 25,