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See how easy it is to get your YouTube set up and running, and find out some quick wins on how to optimize your profile for maximum reach. YouTube, the Google-owned video network, boasts over a billion users — almost one-third of all people on the Internet — and every day people watch hundreds of millions of hours on YouTube and generate billions of views. On mobile alone, YouTube reaches more and year-olds than any cable network in the U.

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From bite-sized commercials to attract customers to how-tos and tutorials to behind-the-scenes looks at your company culture, YouTube has you covered. The process is relatively straightforward and creating your channel only takes a few minutes. First things first. Now, you can either create a new, dedicated specifically for your YouTube business channel or use an existing, personal .

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YouTube has over 1. Top YouTube content creators can make hundreds — if not thousands — of dollars a day. But ironically, being successful and making money on YouTube has little to do with making videos. Step 4. Understand YouTube equipment for beginners. Want to know the best-kept secret about being successful on YouTube or any other content platform? Before you start working on your first script or storyboardyou must answer this question:.

The answers to these questions will guide you as you plan out and create your video.

As you start looking at what your audience wants and needs, there are some things you can do to help you narrow your focus. Once you have a sense of your audience, you need to create content that matches your persona. Focus your content on helping the viewer achieve their goals. It … helps you make better content in the future. I know it can be tempting to watch the big-name YouTubers and think you have to create videos just like that and engage a massive audience all at once, but all of those thoughts can be paralyzing.

Too many people worry about getting things perfect from the beginning.

Step 1. create a youtube video strategy

Once you answer these questions, give yourself permission to move on. If you focus too much on creating the perfect video you will limit yourself in the long run.

There is a lot to learn and figure out, but mainly you want to get your content found by the people who are searching. At the end of the day, you want your content to be found. The creators we talked with made a few easy suggestions.

Andrew Kan, of TubeBuddyrecommends you make content focused on a specific topic and niches, which will help your content be more searchable. It also helps ensure that the right audience is finding your content. So by practicing, by understanding that being more specific helps you be more discoverable, it helps you win. In addition to focusing your content on specific topics, Jeremy Vest recommends that you make sure your content is helpful and answers questions your potential audience is asking. And, give more value than they can even believe.

Then you can create the right content and post it where it will be found. You decide you are going to target your channel towards current homeowners looking to spruce up their house. YouTube search is one of the best ways to find what people are looking for.

When you come up with a content idea, do a quick YouTube search and see what comes back. You want to take those terms and write them down. You may find after all of your research that one video can cover a lot of the same topics, or that you can create a series of videos. Viewers often suggest additional topics or ask questions that suggest areas of interest for creating additional content. Find a group that you can bounce ideas off of and ask questions.

You might even come away with some different and better video topics to start with. Keep in mind, too, that highly specialized equipment that can be complex to run, and requires considerable time and training to master. A lot can be done with things like screen recording software, a simple video editor, or a smartphone and a little bit of creativity. These tools can help you learn the basics of video creation, and help you to practice good techniques that will be beneficial no matter what gear you use.

How to create a youtube channel to grow your brand and make money

What am I trying to get across with my brand? Here is some of the basic gear outside of your phone you may want to consider if you are going to create high-quality YouTube videos:. Whether for your mobile device, input directly into your camera, or even a digital recorder, a microphone will improve the overall quality of you your video.

When you choose screen recording softwarepick a tool with built-in recording, editing, and sharing features.

It will save you time and let you do all of your work in one tool. Recording your screen is a great way to make a YouTube video without a camera. At TechSmith, we think Camtasia is the perfect video editing software for beginners. And, it has the power and versatility to level-up with you as you gain more skills. Lights will even improve the look of mobile device videos and can be a great investment. Since lighting is a mixture of science and art, a basic set will help you create a professional-looking video. While DSLRs or other high-end cameras can drastically improve the look of your video, they also add a ton of settings and options that need to be managed, increasing the complexity of shooting your video.

An external webcam is a relatively inexpensive option to improve your video quality. Most built-in webcams are pretty low quality when compared to their external counterparts. Most of the latest smartphones can record video in full HD pand many can even do 4K.

There are all kinds of videos that people create on YouTube. The best video you can start with is an instructional video. A tutorial video simply answers a question someone asked.

How to create a youtube channel & make the most of youtube’s billion-user network

These types of videos are all over YouTube, and with good reason. That means you have a great opportunity to take create helpful and valuable instructional videos for your audience. Do you have dog training tips to share? Gather a list of all the questions a dog owner might have and create a series of how-to videos to give them answers. If you are an expert in Photoshop and want to help others get better, a tutorial video or training video would be a great place to start. These videos will help your potential customers see exactly what your product or service does without having to read a ton of material.

People look for video help every day. Learning and educational content alone drives over a billion views a day on YouTube. Plan out the visuals shots, angles, graphics, etc. If a script seems like overkill, a simple outline will help you talk through your points, and is better than hitting record without a plan. One of the top mistakes to avoid when you record yourself is to have too much clutter, both on and off the screen. Use an external webcam mounted behind your laptop, or—even better—turn a DSLR camera into your webcam for superior video quality.

If your video includes a screen capture or screen recording, clutter on your computer screen is just as distracting.

If you record near a window, avoid recording in front of it. Position yourself next to the window or facing the window. Pro tip: this is also a great way to enhance your lighting, though be careful, as it can be hard to control the amount of light. Stick to the Rule of Thirds or position yourself in the center of the frame. Pick your favorite screen recorder and walk through your script as you record your desktop. Your recording can be as simple or complex as you want to make it.

You will learn

You can record webcam to give it some personality, create an introadd musicor simply hit record and share it out. To start a recording, click the Record button at the top of the tools panel. This opens the Camtasia recorder, which by default, is set to capture everything that happens on your screen. Next, choose other inputs to record along with the screen. Options include webcam, microphone audio, and system audio. Select the down arrow or double arrows next to each to choose a specific microphone or webcam.

Editing your video can be the most fun and most time-consuming part of the creation process. And for a beginner, it can definitely be the most overwhelming. Often we record a little extra at the beginning and end of a recording. If you trim too much, drag the video clip back to restore your video. Drag the red or green handle on the playhead to select the area to remove, then click the cut button to remove the section.

A stitched line appears, showing you where the cut was made.