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Mujeres q busquen pareja

Han encontrado citas con mujeres, se han casado y han tenido sus hijos gracias a que se conocieron en mobifriends.

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Some features of this site may not work without it. The goal of this study was to identify the preferences of mate selection in men and women interested in establish long-term relationships with people of the same biological sex.

The analyzed were:age, physical attractiveness appearance, body type, height and weightsocioeconomic status labor situation, educative level and sought residential zonecivil status, of children and healthy habits smoke and drink. In sum, it is evidenced that the found in the majority of the variables could indicate congruence with the statements of the parental investment theory and the sexual strategies theory; however, in other variables the are not clear enough.

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Mujeres solteras

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Mujeres solteras y chicas solteras que buscan pareja

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An examination of biological and cultural influences.

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Características preferidas por hombres y mujeres que buscan pareja estable de su mismo sexo

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Hombres solteros

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Un 62% de mujeres solteras de entre 40 y 50 años buscan amistad en internet

Socioeconomic development and shifts in mate preferences. Evolutionary Psychology, 6 3 Physical attractiveness in adaptationist perspective. Is the higher rate of parental child homicide in stepfamilies an effect of non-genetic relatedness?

Current Zoology, 57 3 ,