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Mythical creatures philippines

Manila CNN Philippines Life — The Philippine pantheon of creatures is expansive, consisting of a mix of beautiful and powerful deities, bloodthirsty creatures, and downright inexplicable oddities.

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Philippine mythical creatures are the mythical beasts, monsters, and enchanted beings of more than ethnic groups in the Philippines. Each ethnic people has their own unique set of belief systems, which includes the belief in various mythical creatures. Due to this, there has been around recorded different mythical creatures in Philippine mythology, each belonging to specific belief systems of certain ethnic peoples. Although the may be expanded into around a thousand, as the mythical creatures of more than a hundred ethnic groups in the country have yet to be recorded and published by scholars. There are also some mythical creatures in Philippine mythology that have been imported or altered due to colonialism and globalization, nonetheless, majority have retained their indigenous beliefs rooted in folklore.

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I have dozens of different resources that I use when I am researching the mythical beings of the Philippines.

I often lament about what a pain in the butt it is to pull them all out every time I get curious about a mythical being. I decided it was time that somebody took on the task — so here it is! There are over mythical beings listed and, with your help, I hope to continue adding to this list. If you notice one is missing, please send us a message in the following format:. These creatures can be confusing to say the least. First, there are just so many! With over islands, and the of individual languages listed for the Philippines at according to ethnologue.

Big red bulging eyes, fingers long and bony, and dishevelled hair. Detaches from lower body. The creature is said to resemble a beautiful maiden by day and marries an unsuspecting man in order to live close to human communities.


She goes to bed early with her spouse, and one informant from Samar reported that the creature quietly gets out of bed at moonrise, opens an eastern window, and stares at the newly-risen moon until her lower body drops off. The abats of a town can visit neighboring towns. They fly over nipa houses in which live pregnant women. Paman, Tuttle Publishing They desire to eat human flesh and employ crocodiles to kill people and discreetly bring their flesh to them.

They look like little men and women.

Their skin is fair and smooth. They have deep-set eyes, blue, green, or brown. They have high noses and yellow hair. Their feet are bare and they dress like villagers. They live in trees near villages. They come into a village after dark. They speak to men in whistles. They make friends with kind people.

They give their friends wonderful gifts. They give them magic pots always full of food. They give them magic purses always full of gold. Then something bad will happen to you. Ayaw gayud panaghoy sa gabii kay tubagon ka ug engkantos. Unya may piligro nga modangat kanimo.

The creature stood and walked toward them for a distance of twenty-five meters before they ran away. The creature was black and twice as tall as an ordinary man. The agta of the East Visayas are said to live in mangroves and swampy places. The agta was reported to have carried a rattan cane — the only Philippine creature shown by the data to be provided with this elegant appurtenance. The Agta reported most often in Leyte smoked a large cigar and it can usually be seen in a standing position.

Benilda Moreno from Barrio Gabas, Baybay, Leyte said that an agta once ordered some night fishermen not to proceed, blocking their river route with large trees which it had knocked down to give force to its demand. Virginia Taglucop reported seeing an agta smoke, Mythical creatures philippines eight in the evening and four the next morning, under a santol tree in which it resided.

A compendium of creatures & mythical beings from philippine folklore & mythology

The Agta has also been described as a supernatural man of dark complexion and extraordinary size inhabiting trees, cliffs, or empty houses. He is said to play practical jokes on people or kidnap them. He has a large cigar in his mouth.

In Bacolod, people believe the Agta is human, giant and very black. He stays in a tall tree, wears a hat, and smokes a pipe. He is harmless as long as people do not harm him. As a protection against the agtaa bottle filled with mercury asugui should always be carried, because they are afraid of mercury. ALAN — Tingguian The skin on the face of a wizened old alan is described in a Tingguian tale as having been tough like carabao hide.

Elsewhere, the alan are said to be as large as people but have wings and can fly. Their toes are at the back of their feet, and their fingers point backward from their wrists with long nails. The alan is said to have lived in the depths of a dark forest where people seldom went. They hang upside down from a tree like a bat. He and his companion then walked toward the smoke and reached the house of a female alan.

They killed her and found a jar of be; and another jar of gold in her house.

8 philippine mythological creatures reimagined

They alan are Mythical creatures philippines to adopt children who have been lost in the jungle. This cannibalistic version of the alan in Northern Luzon should be quite a character to draw—roughskinned, long-armed, winged, but cravely afraid of crabs, his hands and feet set wrong end forward, when asleep hanging upside down from a branch like an enormous bat or bird, and yet courting and being accepted by village girls and able to trade off his green mangoes for human male babies.

They are said to procreate by collecting menstrual blood, aborted fetuses, and afterbirth from humans, which they form into Alan children. There is a regional variant of the alan in northwestern Pangasinan and La Union. They seem to live in tribal communities and travel during full moon or sometimes at dusk, beating drums and bells.

Unlike fire, it ignites nothing it touches. It is commonly red but may be blue, green, orange, or yellow.

11 scariest filipino mythical creatures to look out for

Unlike a real flame, too, it is round rather than peaked. It may burn bright or just flicker. One under its spell follows it and is then led round and round until he falls down Mythical creatures philippines exhaustion. The creature may also lead a man into a mudhole or swamp where he can drown. One under the spell of the allawig should take off his clothes and put them on inside out.

The creature will then leave and he will find his way home, which may prove to be just around the corner after all. She lives in the woods, quietly enters villages at night, and sucks the blood of those asleep. When about to die, a vampire asks a close relative to take over her vampirism. If no one agrees to do so, she lives on and remains a vampire.

One should climb up a crooked tree when pursued by the Hiligaynon vampire—the amalanhig —since her ts are stiff and she cannot negotiate the crook in the tree. If no crooked tree is around, one being pursued by her should follow a crooked path, for the vampire cannot follow such a path because she cannot bend her legs to turn.

Or one should jump into a river or lake since an amalanhig fears bodies of water. This man is old and cannot die unless someone in his family inherits his power.

List of philippine mythological creatures

Whenever he begs, his children to take his power, saliva comes out of his mouth and reaches down to the ground. The saliva is long like a rope and sticky. His sons married women from outside the province who did not know about their sickness. Only one in the family will become a maranhig and will do as he does. The old man used to make those who talked about them sick. In Brgy. Sag-ang, La Castellana, Negros Occidental, the same term was used to describe a man-sized creature that attacked two residents and disemboweled goats and chickens in the area.

Sag-ang residents described the creature to be about 5 feet and 4 inches tall, and looks like a monkey. Sag-ang Brgy. Rudy Torres has confirmed reports of the existence of such creature, called amomongo gorilla by residents. Sag-ang in La Castellana is located at the foot of Mt. Kanlaonwhich has many caves where the creature could live.

It is reported that when the ghoul senses that the patient smells like ripe langka jackfruitit means he is about to die and she stays around. Ramos, a psychologist. It has a peculiar anatomy. Seen from in front, it is a beautiful maiden from head to foot, and it is a haggard mare seen from behind. It sits in a tree in a wood and quietly watches wayfarers go by. Los pongos y orangutangs La miraban con horror, Porque las aguas del Bicol Con su sangre coloro.

The pongos and orangutans Watching the fight filled with horror stung, With color due to crocodiles blood He tinged the Bicol River red. Bicolano folklore says the angongolood looks like a gorilla and inhabits swamps and riverbanks.